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non invasive - drug free - highly effective

In 1997 I discovered Reiki and Reflexology which gave me a deeper insight in how strong our natural healing power is; it deepened my understanding of the relationship between the physical and the emotional. Seeing the results achieved, I am more and more passionate about supporting clients on their journey.

I have a special interest in Anti-ageing, Auto-immune conditions and Women's health - Puberty, Fertility, Pregnancy and Menopause. Having two children myself, I understand the emotions that may be experienced during this amazing time.

I find ageing an amazing experience but I wanted to look fresher than I did and this saw me develop a natural treatment to help soften wrinkles and tone facial muscles naturally. Wanting to share this, I developed the Natural Facelift workshop teaching simple and natural techniques that are easily incorporated in a daily skin care routine at home. The Natural Facelift treatment is more extensive and incorporates a 21st Century skin care range.

Another keen interest is Foot and Hand Mobilization. This restores functionality and mobility and reduces pain and stiffness.

I trained with the Australian School for Reflexology and the Instituto de Reflexologia. I stay abreast of new developments through many postgraduate workshops deepening my understanding of the benefits of Reflexology.

Over the years, I have taught in private practice as well as at Endeavour College and the Australian School for Reflexology and Relaxation. As a volunteer Reflexologist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for three years, I have worked with in- and outpatients and still provide Aroma Blends’ Body Lotion. 

Clinical Aromatherapy: essential oils are used during the treatments (unless requested otherwise) and personalized blends are available to support both body and mind. This is how Aroma Blends was established.

Fluent in Dutch, French and of course English :)


Reiki Master/Teacher
Diploma Reflexology
Diploma Facial Reflexology  SorensensistemTM   I, II, III, IV & V 
Diploma Japanese Cosmo FacialLifting
Certificate Clinical Aromatherapy

Post graduate
Certificate Fertility & Maternity Reflexology
Certificate Baby Reflexology
Certificate Reflexology and Cancer
Certificate Foot Mobilization
Certificate Pain and Reflexology

Professional memberships
Reflexology Association of Australia
      Victorian Branch:
      2014 - 2015: Chair & Treasurer 
      2015 - 2016: Acting Chair
      2014 - 2017: Education Officer
Global Reflexology Network
Australian Reiki Connection

Outstanding Achievement Award
     April 2017 from the Reflexology Association of Australia
In recognition to fulfilling the roles of an entire team and in keeping together the Victorian Branch of the Reflexology Association of Australia during 2015 and part of 2016.

Anne Hilarius-Ford from Energy Reflexology is a highly experienced Reflexologist
Reflexology reduces stress and pain, boosts the immune system, balances hormones and improves blood circulation/lymphatic flow

Anne, overflowing with her love of reflexology, is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and organized.  Before I even arrived, she had looked at my 'online booking' medical history and plotted a facial and foot reflexology treatment based on what she knew from my form and modified it as we talked more at the session.  I was thrilled to have a combination treatment where I was introduced to facial reflexology for the first time and my mind was blown when I realized a tender spot above one of my teeth (that I thought might require some dental work but had been told by the dentist that all was well there...), actually corresponded to a meridian point for an area of pain I have been having in my sacrum!  She taught me how to relieve the pain through the facial meridian point.  If I lived in Melbourne, I would have a weekly session with Anne as I truly believe she can make a difference through her work and passion for it.
                                                                         Laura E.