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Hormone Mini Masterclass

Relieve your stress and even bodily symptoms by harnessing your inner hormonal balance, naturally with me.

Discover a healing method so old, it’s powerful enough to spark up your vitality, fertility and energy like an electric current to a city full of lights…and soothe your hormones into harmony.

Reflexology is power at work!

Both Ancient and Modern Research Show Reflexology Balances Hormones
Women with subfertility conceive
Menopausal symptoms ease dramatically
Auto immune conditions improve
Stress is diminished
Pain relief

Can Reflexology Really Allow Me To Balance
My Own Hormones and Health?


But How?

You’re about to find out for only $47…

Many people still ask what Reflexology is and how it works.

This video gives you a 10 second taste of how hormones AND Reflexology work within our bodies.

More importantly, when you see it again, you’ll be 11 minutes into the first video of the series.

This means you’ll already be making progress in naturally harnessing your inner power to guide yourself towards greater hormonal health.

As you may know, energies in the physical sense are measurable through for example ECG’s and Dopfler tests. Research confirms when various reflexes are worked on the feet, there is a direct visible and/or measurable relationship with that particular part of the body worked.

This is science directing you towards your own future of health.

If you know how to ready your hormone energy daily, you know how to tap into it daily, which means you’re on the edge of a new age (younger, perhaps??) and the power to bring a smile to your face in your own fingertips. (No pun intended).

Learn how you can be empowered looking after your health
Learn how Reflexology supports your body in being well
This is knowledge serving you for a lifetime

What Will I Get To Experience When I Enrol In This Hormone Mini Masterclass?


Meet Reflexology

Discover the various forms of energy already thrumming in your veins and see how your body relaxes into Reflexology


Embrace Your Female cycle

‘Heal’ your hormones and turn them into friends who support your daily balance, especially during ovulation


Outsmart Auto Immune Conditions

Unite your hormones and inner balance to soothe your conditions, no matter where you are or when they flare up.


Overcome Stress & Pain

Stroke or massage your stress and pain into submission with easy to apply reflexology techniques.


Love Your Lifestyle

Peel back the lifestyle marketing myths to find your best diet, exercise, sleep and environment plan which keeps you in your happy place every day.


Learn Unusual Tips and Tricks

Empower yourself with natural solutions that you won’t find in a doctor’s surgery, medical dictionary or your friend’s father’s brother-in-law natural health-nut.

Flick the switch and turn on your hormone balance with this one click:

Why Only $47 for 6 weeks of deep hormone balance teaching in my ‘virtual clinic’?

I am so passionate about how Reflexology helps us that I wanted to bring it within reach, I want to spread the love 🙂

Also, recently my books have been filling more and more and I can’t see everyone. Instead of say ‘no’ to wonderful new clients like you, you now can reach me through these videos both during and outside of office hours.

This made me decide to make this informative video on line. I also recognized many people are not familiar with Reflexology and this video I see as bridging the gap.

Having said all this, please know you have the option to see me if and when you are close or I can recommend someone, even overseas, I’ll do my best to locate someone for you

Now Your Turn To Look Into The Research Here.
Check Through This Small Sample From Years of My Clients
Who Now Enjoy Bright, New Energy (And Happy Hormones!)

After just 3 treatments, a 58-year-old man with mesothelioma and with only a few months to live was able to reduce his morphine dosages morning and night and no longer needed the quick release morphine dosages during the day. He could have as many of those as needed. The result was that his quality of life improved dramatically.

Michael, † 2007, Melbourne

Over the years I have sought help from a number of alternative health practitioners for chronic depression and anxiety.

Things came to a head when I recovered a traumatic memory of child abuse by a family member. Very distressed, I scoured the internet for a foot reflexologist and came across Anne’s website, intrigued to read about this new facial version that I’d never heard about before.

The whole experience was very relaxing, far more so than foot reflexology, which I’d usually found rather painful!

Anne has a special chair which feels more like a hammock, because it tips back so that you are lying almost horizontally, cradled on the soft fabric.

She started by warming my face up gently with a small tool which had a wheel on the end of it. After that she went on to massage and press certain points all over my face. At the end of the first session I remember exclaiming that I “felt like I was in heaven”!

During the early treatments, I could feel a strange pain sensation up and down my left leg, as if some blocked energy was being moved. Strangely enough, I had been diagnosed with a benign tumour in the sole of my left foot around that time, so this goes further in indicating that there was some energy that had been blocked there.

Also, I remember experimenting with massaging my face at home after one of the treatments, and was surprised to note that if I pressed a point just under my eyebrow (near the top of my nose), it would cause a pain in my right foot. That doesn’t happen anymore when I try pressing there, so I’m guessing that something has shifted.

I went back on a weekly basis for about four weeks and now I am visiting her every month to maintain the benefits. After each session I feel very relaxed, and my mood is uplifted. The noticeable effects last for a few days and each session consolidates the work of the previous one in terms of releasing the stagnant energy.

I feel that the facial reflexology has definitely helped me to work through the trauma of the recovered memory, and also eased my recent transition from taking antidepressants to being drug free.

If you are interested in trying out this therapy for yourself, I highly recommend Anne here in Melbourne, or you could look on the internet for a qualified facial reflexologist near you.

Lisa S., June 2014, Melbourne

When I was 3 months pregnant I picked up a pamphlet at the hospital about the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy. I thought if the hospital is displaying information on reflexology then it must have some merits. I saw Anne for around 5 months, right up until 2 days before I gave birth. I believe having reflexology contributed to my happy and relaxed mind and body while I was pregnant. It helped with constipation, achy legs, hips and back, plus it kept me feeling calm about the impending birth. I also had the energy to work right up until the birth. On my due date I went into labour which is rare. My entire labour went for 12 hours, the first half was relatively painless. Research has shown that reflexology can reduce the length of labour, I am positive this is why my labour was quite short. Anne has a wealth of knowledge; she gave me some tremendous advice about babies which has given me so much confidence as a first time mother. Anne has an incredibly special talent in making you feel amazing.

Fiona, 31 years’ old, May 2010, Melbourne

I suffer from episodes of heart arrhythmia known as premature ventricular contraction (PVC). Although these episodes usually only last a matter of minutes, I have recently experienced an episode lasting almost a week. Towards the end of this week I had my regular monthly reflexology appointment with Anne and immediately the PVCs started to subside… and by the end of the day they were few and far between. I’ve now enjoyed several weeks where I’ve only had one or two episodes and can only assume that regular reflexology has played a significant part in keeping the PVCs at bay.

Paul, 42 years old, 2007, Melbourne

I am 42 and have early degenerative wear on my hips, a condition which will eventually lead to hip replacement. Mornings are the worst time, especially after activities such as gardening which involve lots of bending. Anne has been treating me on a monthly basis now for about 9 months. I cannot believe the effect the reflexology treatment is having on me. I look forward to the treatment every month. Thank you Anne.

Russell, 42 years old, 2008, Melbourne

After several weeks of dealing with a very painful hip I booked in with Anne for a reflexology treatment. Very shortly after the first treatment there was great relief and as the day progressed the pain became less and less. Over the following couple of weeks having weekly treatments, the level of pain still remains at a minimum. The initial treatment also provided me with instant relief of constipation which was an added bonus. I also have a disturbed sleep pattern. Anne introduced me to her “Sleep Help” cream which I have been using regularly over the last couple of weeks with great results most nights. Many thanks Anne for all of the above.

Janine, 2004, Melbourne

I suffer from bronchiectasis, a chronic lung condition, and with each reflexology treatment, the lungs clear considerably. Before reflexology I needed antibiotics on a very regular basis, now it is only 3, maybe 4 times a year. My quality of life has improved dramatically.

Carole, aged 64, 2000, Melbourne

I first started using reflexology when I developed severe and acute fatigue after treatment for cancer It was the one thing that really made a difference and I am slowly and steadily improving. I am now back at work and managing well in life.

Catherine, aged 49, 2007, Melbourne

The reflexology experience was absolutely amazing, since having the treatment I feel relaxed, de- stressed, focused on my studies. My lower back used to be quite painful and is now pain free. Now that my 6-week treatment session is over I will be a regular client. Thank you Anne.

Michelle, young Mum, 2006, Melbourne

Thank you so much for making these trips to Melbourne from Cairns as I have noticed a huge improvement since resuming regular reflexology treatment. I was having quite a bit of pain when walking on my feet first thing in the morning that I just didn’t want to stand up. After just two sessions the discomfort disappeared. Now with the combination of facial and feet work I feel much more balanced. The facial work provides a two-pronged approach and really helps reduce the tension I carry in my face. I am also sure that work is subtler on my chronic pain areas such as my hips, because the respective points on my feet are less sensitive after the facial work. Thus I am so relaxed and feel wonderful after each treatment.
Thank you again for all your help. I really feel the benefit of incorporating reflexology in with my other modalities.

Denise McG, 2013, Melbourne

When I first saw Anne in 2009, I had been struggling for 9 months to deal with an ‘undiagnosed illness’ which had seen me in and out of coronary care 5 times, with pericardial effusions (fluid around the sacs of the heart) and what was thought to be some kind of viral vasculitis that resulted in near organ failure.
Anne went to work on my body’s depleted system, giving me much needed support internally and much needed physical respite and mental relief. In a short 6-week period I found that my heart was strengthened to such a degree that I was able to drop my steroid dose by 10mg, down from a maximum of 50mg – and I found that I was now sleeping better, had more energy, my skin took on a healthier glow and even my hair regained bounce and life – this was actually one of the first signs that showed me the benefit I was receiving from the reflexology.

Medical test results: there was a dramatic improvement in terms of inflammation index, healthy blood cell count and the function of my organs – especially liver and spleen.

As well as reflexology Anne used her skills in Reiki to help with pain in my body caused by the illness and the fact I was unable to do my normal exercise. While I was unsure of how beneficial the Reiki would be I was thrilled with the immediate effectiveness, not only on the immediate pain in my shoulder and back but it also gave me a huge boost to my mental and physical capabilities. I was healing better, able to do more physical exercise, reduce my steroid dose even further, and my specialist recognized that according to all the medical tests, blood, plasma and ultrasounds, I was, on paper, ‘perfect’.

Without Anne’s help and incredible skill there is no doubt, in both my mind and that of my specialists that I would not have made the kind of recovery, in speed, and strength that I have. The reflexology supported my inner organs, my whole vascular system, my heart and also my mental health. During 9 months of little or no recovery, and little hope while I had no diagnosis or prognosis, the steroids I was taking were the only things that my body was responding to. While these strong drugs kept the inflammation down there are serious side effects, on the liver especially, but also with osteoporosis, diabetes and weight gain. Anne’s treatment of my whole body meant that I have been able to regain my life. The incidence of relapse has been reduced to once in 6 months. Before that I was relapsing once every month. My energy levels increased and I have been able to return to work full time and to start exercising again. My immune system has been supported to such an extent that I weathered the winter months with no flu or colds (something we thought impossible). Mentally this has been the most difficult struggle, with no idea of the how’s or why’s; it has been incredibly hard to keep persevering with the constant search for treatments that would work and help me regain my health. Anne gave me hope, and with that you can not only walk, but run.

The success that I have had with Anne has affected me in every way I can think of, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Without Anne I do not know where I would be in my recovery – or even if I would have ever recovered to such an extent. The medical results are clear but my own knowledge of my body and state of mind since working with Anne is testament to her skill and healing capabilities. For me, she has been, in the real sense of the words, a lifesaver.

Jennifer C., (ongoing) Melbourne

In September I was diagnosed with an auto-immune thyroid disorder whereby my thyroid function levels were at 84 and I was to be put on daily medication. I have been having monthly reflexology sessions and have been using Anne’s treatment suggestions on my feet and hands at home and my thyroid function levels have dropped to 18 which is in the healthy range requiring no medication. I also changed my diet cutting out wheat and eating lots of fruit and vegetables and increasing my intake of fish.

Claire, 30 years old, Melbourne

I was diagnosed with inoperable clear cell ovarian cancer 27 months ago and commenced reflexology 2 weeks after the diagnosing surgery. Throughout the first chemo cycle I had a reflexology session every week provided a reflexologist with experience working with cancer patients at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. The aim of this was to keep my body working as well as it could, to deal with the chemotherapy. Chemo comprised of carboplatin and paclitaxol once every 3 weeks. After three sessions we had to discontinue the paclitaxol as my balance and feeling in my fingertips were affected.

At the end of that cycle my CA 125 results were one off normal, they did drop by half again 3 months later. The obvious benefit of the reflexology was that during the cycle I did not have to put off the 3 weekly sessions at any time because my blood results were healthy for what I was going through. In my recovery from the first chemo cycle, my hair grew back quickly, thickly and very healthy, my finger nails remained normal and did not grow clubbed, my skin colour remained healthy. The surgeon Professor Peter Grant remarked on my good recovery. I maintained a fortnightly reflexology session for the remainder of the first year to aid in recovering from chemotherapy.

It is the nature of this cancer that it returns and requires more chemotherapy. I was fortunate in that I could continue my reflexology sessions with Jennifer Cook’s teacher Anne Hilarius-Ford.

I commenced what has become 13 months of chemotherapy with 2 short 2 week breaks in an effort to get this cancer to lie down in January 2014.

Throughout the last year I have had either weekly or fortnightly sessions of foot and face reflexology again with the same aim of encouraging my system to operate the best that it can. Again I have never had to put off a session due to low red blood cells, or other blood results. One of my oncologists has remarked that normally they have to discontinue chemo either because the patient can no longer cope with the therapy or it is patently not working. This is not the case with me, I am physically coping very well with the different regimes that I have undergone, and the cancer results have been varied. We began the year with a monthly dose of caelyx, a bright red very expensive chemo, we did this for 3 doses, then discontinued it as it seemed to be not working. I did have a delayed positive response to this chemo and we tried it a second time in the latter part of 2014 with varied results. Carboplatin with 2 doses of gemcitibane over a 3-week period was the next therapy. We did this for 4 months until it became apparent that it was not working then returned to the caelyx. We continued with that therapy until the end of November when I had a small bowel obstruction caused by the cancer, this was successfully treated in hospital with steroids. We have resumed chemotherapy with weekly doses of paclitaxol, and weekly reflexology sessions. So far I have had a positive response to the chemotherapy. The reflexology means that I have been healthy enough to undergo the chemo and also to work throughout the entire two years on a limited part time basis providing music in aged care carrying a small floor harp around and teaching harp. I am experiencing some neuropathy in my feet and finger tips after this current Paclitaxol cycle of 6 sessions and my hair has thinned only a little, I do experience some fatigue which is quite understandable after 13 months of chemotherapy.

Everyone who is aware of my condition remarks on how healthy I look and that it cannot be as grave as I say. I have been registered with palliative care because of the obstruction. It is 7 weeks since that event and if I continue ‘obstructionless’ I will be discharged from palliative care. Reflexology on both my feet and face has kept my body functioning as well as it could, it has also mitigated the symptoms of chemotherapy after each session. I have had very little nausea apart from a bit of reflux and swallowing. My reflexologist has worked extensively on the areas that correspond to my abdomen, ovaries, and colon to keep all these areas operating as well as they can. I have also been relatively pain free except for wind pain which passes, again my oncologists have been a bit surprised at this. I have rarely needed to take any form of pain killer during the last 2 years except when I have been in hospital and this is not because I can tolerate pain. I think that this is due to the reflexology.

Any one undergoing treatment for chronic disease can benefit from regular reflexology sessions from a reflexologist whom is familiar with the condition, unless working with their feet or face is contraindicated. At the very least I always feel relaxed after a session and often can relax into a deep restful sleep for a few hours. If a patient’s feet are very sensitive, then the facial reflexology is really effective. I would not be coping as well as I am if I had not had the benefit of the regular reflexology sessions since my diagnosis 2 years ago. The quality of my life, given my circumstances, has been enhanced and made more than bearable by attending frequent and regular sessions provided by Anne Hilarius-Ford a qualified and very experienced reflexologist.

Karen Huckle, 21/01/2015, † July 2015 Melbourne

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