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Hormone Balance


Hormone Balance contains a great blend of essential oils to help normalize the menstrual cycle naturally. It has an uplifting effect which is great when hormones affect your mood.

Carry around in your handbag or pocket.

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Additional information

Weight 30 g

Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) organic, Salvia officinalis (Clary Sage): great hormone regulator, Foeniculum vulgare (Sweet Fennel): has a great balancing effect on both hormones and cramping, Vitex agnus castus (Vitex): normalizes menstrual cycle and reduces PMS.

How to use

Massage into lower abdomen and lower back. Stop using when menstruation starts.

Pulse points: applied to pulse points such as the inside of wrists, elbows and behind the ear lobes.

Nose: when applying at the base of nostrils, inhale as you massage it in the skin. Inhaling the blend brings molecules to the brain where the Pituitary gland is.

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