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Are you suffering from cold hands and feet?
  stimulates blood circulation. Feel the warm glow grow from the inside of hands and feet, a great sensation.

This blend has previously proven to be effective for chilblains.
Chilblains are painful and itchy swellings on the skin, most commonly found in the toes, fingers, ears and/or nose. The swelling of toes makes it uncomfortable and sometimes even impossible to wear shoes. Chilblains occur when exposed to cold, which can damage the tiny blood vessels in the skin. This results in itching and inflammation and may even result in cracked/broken skin. When fingers and/or toes are cold, warming them with a heat source aggravates the condition.

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 9 x 2 x 2 cm

The essential oils in this blend are warming, stimulating and improve circulation. Anti-infectious, warming with skin healing properties this blend is also beneficial for chilblains. Geranium, Black Pepper, Tea Tree Premium, Lavender French, Oregano, Cardamom

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