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Warming blend


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Are you suffering from cold hands and feet?
  stimulates blood circulation. Feel the warm glow grow from the inside of hands and feet, a great sensation.

This blend has previously proven to be effective for chilblains.
Chilblains are painful and itchy swellings on the skin, most commonly found in the toes, fingers, ears and/or nose. The swelling of toes makes it uncomfortable and sometimes even impossible to wear shoes. Chilblains occur when exposed to cold, which can damage the tiny blood vessels in the skin. This results in itching and inflammation and may even result in cracked/broken skin. When fingers and/or toes are cold, warming them with a heat source aggravates the condition.

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Jojoba (organic), Geranium, Black Pepper, Tea Tree, Lavender, Oregano, Cardamon.

How To Apply

Roll the blend on the affected areas. Massage into hands, feet and each toe and finger thoroughly for a few minutes. Repeat this at least three times within 10 minutes. Reapply as often as needed.

Not Present

Lauryl sulphate, parabens, petroleum products, phenol carbolic acid, propylene glycol, sodium laurel, synthetic fragrances or ingredients, toluene.

1 review for Warming

  1. 5 out of 5


    A Thousand Thanks for Warming Blend
    A thousand thanks! I use Warming Blend on both R foot and L amputation stump, both of which have chilblains from March through til late September, especially my stump. I’ve been using Warming Blend for the last 5-6 weeks, in addition to medication & a custom-made ugg-boot worn directly against the skin of my stump. Even though I use 3 different methods to counteract chilblains, I can rate the product 5 Stars as the effect of the Warming Blend is substantial & almost immediate. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who has chilblains or ongoing cold hands & feet. One last point – this is the 1st year since the chilblains began 10 yrs ago, that I have control over this condition. Again many, many thanks.

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