Allow your whole body and mind to function in a more balanced way

non invasive - drug free - highly effective

Clinical Reflexology

Relieves stress and pain
Boosts the immune system
Balances the hormonal system
Supports neurological disorders


Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage
Reduced swelling
Beneficial for many conditions


Foot Mobilization

Frees stiffness and pain
Joints used more efficiently
Restores mobility and function
Correct Toes support this work

The Natural Facelift

Reduce wrinkles
Natural anti-ageing
Rejuvenate and Refresh
Prevent wrinkle formation


Train muscles to
Prevent injury
Gain strength
Gain dexterity

Correct Toes

Realign feet to natural state
Enhance balance and stability
Strengthen foot muscles and arch
Foot Mobilization supports feet further



For me, Anne has been, in the real sense of the words, a life saver. When I first saw her I had been struggling for 9 months to deal with an 'undiagnosed illness' which had seen me in and out of coronary care 5 times, with pericardial effusions (fluid around the sacs of the heart) and what was thought to be some kind of viral vasculitis that resulted in near organ failure. Without Anne’s help and incredible skill there is no doubt, in both my mind and that of my specialists that I would not have made the kind of recovery, in speed, and strength that I have which includes returning to full time work.

                                                - Jennifer C. 30 years old

I have had plantar fasciitis in my right foot  for over a year suffering a lot of pain even with anti-inflammatory tablets. I didn’t know what to expect with reflexology (and foot mobilization) but I was just “blown away”!! at the results in such a short time, after only 4 sessions I am pain free with only the occasional pain and stopped taking anti-inflammatory tablets. I am back exercising and enjoying long walks, my foot was amazing: pain free. I can’t thank you enough; you have healing hands!! I look forward to my visits and so do my feet!
                                                                       - Sherryl B. 

I've been trying to think of words to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have been/done over the past few months - but all I can come up with is: thank you so very, very much for being one of the most important parts of this final stage of my recovery. I believe it would have taken years longer without your support.
                                                                                        - Jen L.

27 months ago, diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer, I started reflexology treatments to encourage my system to work as best as it could. One of my oncologists remarked that, unlike many people, I physically cope very well with the chemotherapy and, she is surprised I am relatively pain free, rarely needing pain killers. This means I am healthy enough to have more chemo and, during the whole time, I have been able to work on a limited part-time basis. Everyone who is aware of my condition remarks on how healthy I look and that it cannot be as grave as I say. Reflexology on face and feet has kept me going, mitigating chemo symptoms after each session with very little nausea. I credit frequent and regular Reflexology treatments with an enhanced quality of life. Thanks Anne.
                                                                         - Karen H.

Thank you Anne!!! Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I was recently visiting Melbourne from Cairns for a course, and half of my back tooth broke away, leaving the nerve exposed. I was experiencing extreme pain and was finding it hard to concentrate. Anne showed me a reflexology point on my little finger. That released the pain almost instantaneously, and then made a wonderful essential oil blend to dab around the tooth.
                                                                           - Cath P.