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In just ONE hour feel more

relaxed, energized and focused

Anne Hilarius-Ford from Energy Reflexology is a highly experienced Reflexologist
I am Anne, a Certified Reflexologist with 20 years' experience.
I work with people who feel unhealthy, sluggish and stressed.
Stimulating the lymphatic system helps cells flush waste materials and toxins. This gives them room to receive nutrients through stimulated circulation.
The result is a healthier functioning body with improved mental focus. Why not organize a treatment and experience it.
Your body is telling you something is not quite right; a diagnosis may or may not be possible. Either way, you may feel lost, not knowing what to do!
Life is busy, family and work need your full focus, but your body and/or mind need your attention as well.
Nothing seems to be wrong, treatments have not had an effect and you still feel uncomfortable and stressed. 

What can you do to feel better in your skin?

 One hour starts the process where you

  • deeply relax and improve mental focus
  • improve energy levels

Your body is healthier as

  • waste materials are flushed from cells
  • cells are better able to absorb nutrients

Here's What Happens

Lymphatic Drainage - RLD

An award winning and research technique created by Sally Kay Bsc(Hons) that focuses on stimulating the lymphatic system and improve elimination.

Mental Clarity

Deep relaxation brings the brain into the alpha state that promotes relaxation, followed by beta waves that promote alertness and problem solving.

Improved Foot Mobility

Walk more comfortably as this gentle method relieves restrictions and pain in the feet, joints and ankles. Flexibility is increased.

Sport & Athletes

Reduce pain and speed up the overall recovery period. Energise tired muscles and inhibit the production of lactic acid.

Women's Health

The hormonal system is balanced and general health is supported through all stages.

Pain Reduction

A proven methodology is used to work with pain. This works by balancing the hormones, the nervous system as well as releasing connective tissue.

The Natural Facelift

Skin changes as circulation is boosted clearing congestion and eliminating toxins. Stimulating muscles, facial features are strengthened and plumped up.

DIY @ Home Worskshops

Including my signature course
The Natural Facelift Method

The Natural Facelift Method & Holistic Health - Self Management

Be empowered & in control of Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing


                                                                       - Sherryl Bailey 

I felt like a new woman after only one session with Anne. I felt lighter and my back pain is virtually non existent in the mornings now. I think she performed a miracle. Over the past couple months Anne has also helped me to overcome my bladder issues. The points on my face (as well as the feet) where she treats, are not as intense anymore. She has provided helpful information both inside and outside of the room and opened my eyes to some important key factors I was oblivious to, in taking care of my health and wellbeing. I feel very lucky to have found her.
         - Em Sep

My Story

Reflexology reduces stress and pain, boosts the immune system, balances hormones and improves blood circulation/lymphatic flow
After searching for 30 years I found what I somehow knew was waiting for me. When my marriage was over, I discovered Reiki through a friend. This was the start of my journey as a Holistic Practitioner in 1998.
Even though I knew nothing about Reflexology, and never had a treatment, I enrolled. Blown away by the power of it, my passion deepened. In the past 3 to 4 years I developed my practice and offerings further as I created The Natural Facelift Method. The Health Self Management workshops followed.
The vision I have of the future is to continue to contribute and support others. As a travelling Oma, I like to visit my children and grandchildren interstate.
I share my experiences as a speaker to empower others to be their healthiest and best version.

Benefits of a Reflexology Treatment

Removes waste, creating space for nutrients

Over 20 years, my practice has evolved and I now see Reflexology working on a cellular level.

The body wants to be well; it responds to treatments, resulting in improved quality of life.
Reflexology Lymph Drainage - RLD, is an award winning and researched treatment. It influences the lymphatic system. Stimulating it, helps flush waste materials such as dead cells, lactic acid and toxins. Fluid retention also benefits.
Circulation is boosted and as blood carries nutrients, these are better absorbed by cells cleared from waste materials. As cells are healthier all body systems benefit and health improves.

Body systems are balanced and normalised

Besides feeling deeply relaxed as well as alert, reflexology is known to

  • stimulate the nervous system
  • boost the immune system
  • balance hormones
  • ease symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, PMS and hot flushes
  • stimulate the lymphatic system that helps flush toxins and waste materials which benefits many conditions, amongst them lymphoedema and lipoedema
  • support cancer patients sleep better
  • reduce tingling and numbness in hands and feet
  • ease nausea
  • improve sleep and digestion
  • support athletes' performance and recovery


My focus is to support you where needed

I have supported clients with the following which helped to improve quality of life:

  • grieving process
  • auto immune conditions
  • stress and anxiety reduction
  • eased menopausal symptoms
  • conception and pregnancy
  • improved bowel elimination
  • improved bladder control
  • respiratory problems
  • better quality of sleep
  • improved emotional wellbeing
  • increased energy levels
  • recharged batteries
  • easing of physical symptoms
  • improved foot flexibility
  • pain reduction in body and feet
  • reduction in fluid retention

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