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Apologies – where, what and how?

Let’s talk about apologies, often we are not aware we are apologizing for no reason. Apologies can be positive and have a place when intended to apologize for something you have done or not done or said. These are genuine and usually start with ‘sorry but …’. However, so often do I hear apologies that…

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5 Tips for the Holiday Season

Christmas is a joyous time for many but not all. I sure can do with some happy hormones at any time of the year and, following the 5 tips has often helped me to be in a better place. I wish you a ‘bestest’ place leading into a great 2019! Keep breathing Keep moving Give…

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Eating for Healthy Ageing

Growing up, I never heard that we ate to live, what I now know though, is that we certainly didn’t live to eat. Ok, I might have been lucky with a mother who didn’t have a sweet tooth and wasn’t even really a cook, her cooking was basic and simple. Variety of nutrients Most of…

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Analgesic effects of Reflexology

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Vol. 24, No. 8 Analgesic effects of Reflexology in patients undergoing surgical procedures: A randomized controlled trial Samuel Attias, Keren Sivan, Ofri Avneri, Avigail Sagee, Eran Ben-Arye, Ofra Grinberg, Gideon Sroka, Ibrahim Matter, and Elad Schiff Published in Volume: 24 Issue 8: August 1, 2018 Online Ahead of…

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Reflexology is Effective for Backpain

Causes of Backpain Backpain has many different causes and some of the risk factors, besides injuries and accidents, are age, lack of exercise, lifting the wrong way, psychological conditions and sometimes backpain has no known or obvious cause. With many things in life there is reality and perception. This is also true when it comes…

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Exercise vs Movement

How amazing is it to move freely, walk where we need to go, dance when we want to dance, play with the dog, balance on one foot, jump and skip! ❤ 💕 I had a moment of revelation when I was in my early 20’s and you know, I can still myself in that exact…

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The body is forgiving :)

Did you know the body is forgiving? We still need to look after it though. It is a symbiosis: you give, it takes but you take, and it gives, take a bit more and it still keeps giving AND forgiving. There is an end to this though when we take too much. There is a…

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Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD

Reflexology Lymph Drainage combines ancient wisdom and modern knowledge to work a body system discovered 200 years ago by Swedish scientist Olof Rudbeck but it was mostly ignored until 2016. It is found throughout the whole body, and according to the latest research this includes the brain. It distributes nutrients to all body parts and…

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Natural Facelift without invasive procedures

As we age, most of us see ourselves as still being around 35 years old. Researchers found that people over 70 years old feel 13 years younger. When very healthy and active, the gap between subjective age and actual age was even wider1. Looking in the mirror tells its own story My moment of truth…

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