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Natural Facelift without invasive procedures

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Jun 18, 2017

As we age, most of us see ourselves as still being around 35 years old. Researchers found that people over 70 years old feel 13 years younger. When very healthy and active, the gap between subjective age and actual age was even wider1. Looking in the mirror tells its own story My moment of truth…

Looking after your skin

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Jun 16, 2017

The day I saw the wrinkles and the sunken cheeks on my face was a day of change. It led me to develop the Natural Facelift. Using the techniques improved my facial features and skin a lot. The wrinkles softened, the sunken cheeks were fuller and my face looked refreshed. I started to get comments…

How I developed the Natural Facelift method

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Jun 8, 2017

Boy, will I remember that day! I saw a photo of myself in 2013 and realized I didn’t look how I thought I looked. I kept staring at it and thought I’d look like an old prune by the age of 80. To be honest, I have never been vain and love seeing people who…

The Common Cold

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Mar 6, 2017

We all have had a cold and they range from a sniffle for a few days to a blocked nose that makes it uncomfortable at night time. You end up not sleeping well, breathing through the mouth which dries it out. Many a time, even though I don’t often have a cold, have I laid…

Skin and Ageing well

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Feb 10, 2017

The longer we live in our skin the more it is exposed to the elements, the environment and our lifestyle. Skin is our largest organ it needs nurturing Treatments Many treatments are available to rejuvenate the skin, our largest organ. Many though introduce foreign substances into the deeper layers either numbing muscles or plumping them…

Natural Facelift Workshop and Treatment

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Jan 7, 2017

Reflexology has been part of my life since 1999 when I became a practitioner. Since then, I have become more and more passionate as, daily, I see how clients benefit from a treatment. Adding Facial Reflexology to Foot Reflexology has added an exciting and totally new dimension to my practice. Results are clearly achieved on…

Headaches and Migraines

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Dec 24, 2016

Headache and migraine sufferers know only too well how debilitating it can be to go through this period where it seems a whole army is running amok within the confines of the skull. There are many reasons why we have headaches and migraines, I will only cover a few here. Stress At high stressful times,…

PMS and the debilitating PMDD

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | Jul 10, 2016

“It can leave sufferers bedridden, unable to work and suicidal. But should extreme premenstrual syndrome be categorised as a mental disorder? Amy Molloy, The Age, 2 February 2014 “WHEN THAT TIME COMES AROUND, I CAN’T CONTROL MY BEHAVIOUR OR MY EMOTIONS.” This is the opening of an article in The Age about how PMS, in…

7 reasons to allow your child to walk barefoot

By Anne Hilarius-Ford | May 24, 2016

Children, and specifically very young children, like to walk barefoot. It is often difficult to get them to wear shoes. Isabel Gentil Garcia, professor of nursing, physiotherapy and podiatry at Complutense University in Madrid, did research in this area and found that children who were given the opportunity to walk barefoot were….smarter! Thanks to sensory…

12 Signs of Ovulation To Be Aware Of

By Phil Druce | Mar 11, 2016

There are many signs of ovulation that you can use to determine when you are at your most fertile, but if you are not paying careful attention, you may mistake one of them as a sign of something else, such as implantation, pregnancy or a menstrual period. The key is to know your cycle inside…