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Exercise vs Movement

How amazing is it to move freely, walk where we need to go, dance when we want to dance, play with the dog, balance on one foot, jump and skip! ❤ 💕

I had a moment of revelation when I was in my early 20’s and you know, I can still myself in that exact spot! As I was following an elderly lady who had trouble walking and was slow, out of nowhere I had this insightful moment where I felt physically strong and healthy and knew it was a gift of youth but at the same time I also realized I was the CEO of this body and had to look after it so it would serve me well as I aged.

There is a lot of talk about exercise and I see many friends and clients cringe at the idea. Why don’t we talk about movement as this is what we do every day without thinking? Dropped a pen? we bend and pick it up; the jar we need, at the back of the cupboard, we stand tippy toed and stretch to reach it 😊

I have had years of regular exercise which includes swimming and hockey. When I stopped that, my exercise routine changed but I always moved, every single day by dancing (at home), playing with the children, now with the grandchildren when I see them, vacuuming, cleaning the shower, getting off the tram earlier, etc. There are so many ways to move our bodies.

Movement is good for so many reasons, all muscles are stronger, but brain and gut health also benefit. It is now also recommended for those who have serious to very serious illnesses. It improves mood and mental health, as blood flow increases and daylight reaches the brain.

All body systems need us to move to function efficiently:

  • the heart is stronger – improved blood flow
  • digestion is more efficient – leaner body
  • lung capacity increases – more oxygen in the body
  • hormones are better regulated – these include happy hormones and those involved in reproduction
  • the brain – improved focus and function
  • the lymphatic system – improved elimination of waste materials

What are you waiting for?

My stamina and endurance at 68 have improved in the past year and I feel great about it, swimming 50metres without being short of breath at the end was an amazing feeling! Regular exercise and a new product I now use daily both had an impact.

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