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Natural Facelift Workshop
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Results in a fresh glow and softened wrinkles
Everyone benefits 

Naturally enhance skin and facial features and turn back the clock! AND it has health benefits. You will hear about how Facial Reflexology looks at the face!

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After only one session during workshop

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Natural Facelift Workshop

The workshop covers natural techniques that take less than 5 minutes.

Using ancient and proven ancient techniques that stimulate the underlying facial tissues.

This results in increased collagen and elastin production and the cells benefit from better hydration and improved flow of nutrients. The skin is toned naturally. Read more

After only one session during the workshop
After only one self treatment during the workshop

Before and After photos are all taken during one workshop where participants work on their own faces following the techniques taught.

Dear Anne,
Susan Gianevsky
Thank you for inviting me to attend your natural Natural Facelift workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning how to restore and improve my skin while at the same time stimulating points on my face that support my whole mind and body connection.

Your knowledge and notes have assisted me to keep up my daily sessions which have provided me with amazing results. My skin glows and feels lifted - I have been asked by many what have I done to my skin.

As a health practitioner, I am very selective and I only support natural treatment protocols and your workshop has provided me with all the techniques I need to keep me looking 10 years younger.

So pleased to have attended and every woman who wants to enjoy radiant and firmer skin as well as a daily glow should attend your workshop.

Susan Gianevsky
Health Practitioner / International Health Speaker

ThankLian you for having me in your Natural Facelift course.  I learnt a lot from it.



MargaretThoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Am gradually introducing the 'massage system' into my routine. Three times since we met, now to make it part of my daily health regime! Will keep you informed.




Really enjoyed the workshop enormously!