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PowerFingers’ benefits


powerfinger blueWe use our hands for so many tasks and most of us don’t think about it until there is a twitch, a pain or tightness.

When hands are used beyond the day to day chores such as work, playing sport or a music instrument there is a high chance that some muscles are more developed than others. To keep the body in balance, it is important to do some exercise to help all muscles develop evenly.

PowerFingers come in 5 color-coded discs, each with a different resistance. They engage the muscles in hands and arms. The exercises are easy and varied and can be done whilst reading a book or watch a movie. Being easy does not mean there are no results! You will feel the effect of the workout after a very short amount of time, your muscles will let you know they are working.

It is very important to start with the least resistance disc for short periods. When we get used to them, we can graduate to the next level and gradually increase both resistance and time using them as we do not want to cause injury. When working with one disc becomes too easy, we can start working with 2 or more at a time.

I see this product benefit not only musicians and climbers but also reflexologists, massage therapists and even as injury prevention and rehabilitation for various hand and arm problems such as tennis or golfer’s elbow, trigger fingers and even arthritis as it allows all joints to move.

This video shows how to use PowerFingers. Other videos.

Now available in Australia:

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