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Healthy Ageing 

Refresh  |  Rejuvenate  |  Restore

Facial Features Naturally!

Learn a skill for life on how to do this, simply, at home, with simple tools, one of them being your own fingers!

The techniques are ancient and proven to work.

Date: 16 June 2018
Location: Clinic
Intimate Group

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Ready to Reduce Wrinkles & Sagging Skin?

In Less Than 5 Minutes a Day?

DIY The Natural Facelift

Non-invasive, drug free and highly effective workshop

This is a powerful and natural rejuvenating system working the face. Lift, refresh and rejuvenate facial features naturally at home. No need for expensive creams, botox, injections or surgery.

The Natural Facelift Method helps you look younger naturally with healthy skin and we do this not only by working on the face but also understanding how we can influence skin health from the inside.

I am sharing how to delay or soften wrinkles and also how to feel alive and healthier using effective but simple techniques in your own bathroom using just your fingers and a Gua Sha.

As the creator of The Natural Facelift Method, I love to help you to look more radiant, feel more energized with improved general wellbeing. I am most passionate about empowering you to look your best and, increase your confidence.

NOTE: please do not wear foundation as Rosehip oil will be used on the face.


Practical work
Step by step guides – laminated
Organic Rosehip oil
Gua Sha

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